A Quality Alarm System

The best investment you ever made!

BLR will come to you providing a free quotation and security assessment that addresses your specific security goals and objectives. Be it home or business we will cover will our objective working with a an existing system or a new installation in the most cost effective manner!

What are your security concerns?

Theft, Hold up & Duress, Medical, Access control, Fire, Flood

What are your security Objectives?

Ensuring the safety of my family or business 24/7, Remote access to ensure my system is on, comply with my insurance requirements, 24/7 professional monitoring

These are just examples of some of the many concerns and objectives BLR can assist its customers address. Ensuring ultimate peace of mind no matter where you are!

Alarm System Components

Control Panel

Control Panel

Choosing the right one determines the functions, capabilities and expandability of the system for the future



Your choice of keypad, aesthetically appealing, commercial / Residential functionality.


Movement Sensors

PIRs for indoor, outdoor, pet immune, camera wireless and hard wired options


Door & Window Contacts

Secure doors, windows and roller doors perimeter protection. wireless hardwired slimline, recessed to fit the premise


Remote controls

2 button, four button remote controls to turn your alarm on, off, night mode arm and an auxilary to control your garage door or other product that can be switched


Access Control

Access control too prevent entry from people tat shouldn't enter your premise and even restrict entry to specific areas.


Intercom System

Know who is at your door and choose who is allowed to enter and not.


Remote App Control

All your arm functionality to be controlled by your phone to turn the alarm on / off and stay connected to whats occurring at your place providing ultimate peace of mind!

Deter crime.

Wouldn’t it be great to deter a burglar before they even walk up to your door? Having one of our signs or stickers lowers the chance of burglary for both your premise and your neighbors..

Keep you secure.

Feel secure, whether you’re in your premise or away. With a professionally installed award-winning alarm system and sensors, rest assured that your secure 24/7.

Ensure protection.

Our response time is the fastest in the industry, with anything out of the ordinary, help is on the way. With BLR, you have 24/7 alarm monitoring for theft, duress, fire, and medical emergencies.

BLR Security

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